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Welcome to Derby's premier real ale house!

The Flowerpot welcomes you to come along and try one of our delicious range of real ales, craft beers, ciders and spirits!

Keg, Bottles & Cans
On Keg

We offer a wide range of lager, cider and craft keg beers including:

Blue Moon 5.5% - American brewed, Belgian Style White Beer

Punk IPA 5.6% - Scottish brewed tasty IPA


Staropramen 5% 

Established in Prague in the 1860s this delicious premium lager has now become a brand that is recognised worldwide.


Our beer fridge offers delights such as this range from popular Scottish craft brewer Brewdog.


Not forgetting the range of world beers that we have in our fridge. Belgian, Japanese & American beers are all included!

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